Friday, February 13, 2009

10+1 things I will irrevocably miss...

I wrote this 3 months after my SPM ended I guess.

Below are the list which I made subsequent to my feeling at the moment. The missing seems to be magnified as it is overwhelmed by boredom, occasionally. They are not listed in any arrangement of from the most till the less or vice versa. What does pop out in my mind, that is being written.

1] I miss to be alarmed [either by shouts or ringing] which tells I need to be hurry. Or, occasionally, I alarmed people on that matter.

2] I miss the pillow talks by night, with my fellow lovable companions.

3] I miss the hums, the muddled up voices of al quran reciting, chattings, laughs. Yet I do miss the sudden silence of muffles when someone remind the boys where actually they are at the moment.

4] I miss the cheer and the elation when prep is cancelled.

5] I miss the chats with my dedicated teachers, through and through. To be taught by them and to lay my head on the hard surface of the desk and fall asleep...some times...

6] I miss to have one more march-past session, just ONE...

7] I miss to play with my friends, although I made a perfect loophole to them rather than a fast scorer or efficient defender :p

8] I miss to erraneously finish my novels or books because apparently I had grades to be improved and sillibus to be catched up.

9] I miss to perform what I did best and pay tributes to my school...(of course they were debates and pidato)..working til eleventh hour, burn the midnight oils although sometimes the outcoming was just a heavy dissappointment.

10] I miss the serene and tranquil ambience when I woke up early (around half past four) in the morning. To have shower with no one waiting and next, to do what I should, as an act of subservience. Alhamdulillah.

11] I miss to study, to dwell in SAMBEST and apparently, to live in and to learn to live there. To live in a society of my friends, spend time with them. Each and every second passed, sometimes as blissful as it could be or painful as it turned up to be, was the moment I really cherished and relished. Soothing, yes. Excruciating, (yah, i knew, i exaggerating a lil), yes. But those moments, are all meaningful to me...

Those are mine, yours?

p/s: but I swear, I don't miss to sit for the SPM, again......