Monday, December 19, 2011

In Distance

It has been long for me, I couldn't remember when is the the last time I was engrossed in a reading.

Yes, I have to concede that over time, my accessibility to many things offered in the Internet has made my reading been neglected. It was perpetual for a very a long time - and I constantly lamented about it.

Until I determined, to buy new Sony Reader - which I took quite a while before realizing it is in dark pink, rather than red as I expected and hoped it to be. This machine, man, has been quite a help. I instantly uploaded some all of my most untouched eBooks, and since it is pre-installed with dictionaries, doing notes or additional notes in reading, it comes in handy.

But, the feeling I underwent yesterday was not from the reading through eBooks, but of course, by the flipping pages of one of the most influential autobiography in American Literature (well, it is not me who dubbed it, it's Times) of one of the most influential person America has - perhaps the world in 20th centurym - Malcolm X or Malik el-Shabazz.

I am sorry, I just can't write about it, yet. I just read three-quarter of the book, insyaAllah will post about it anytime soon.

I am in one of perhaps, the longest road trip, I would ever be to Las Vegas and thanks to the blessing that I can read while the car is moving (but not during driving though) I managed to spend some 'quality time' with reading again.

The journey of Malcolm X somehow feel closer to me - since I have  a background knowledge of what US was through subjects that I took and it (by reading the autobiography) laid not a small impact upon.

I felt somehow resurrected from my long comma of intellectual journey - I have left it so long until I forget how good it feels!

In distance - from the hectic academic life in State College, and my fond home village - I cut the distance with my passion.

I am looking something deep through my Jouney to the West - and I believe there are soon to be discovered. InsyaAllah.

p/s: I am going to Las Vegas, not for gambling or anything of that sort. We are attending an annual program, under collaboration of Malaysian Islamic Study Group (MISG) and Indonesian Muslims Association (IMSA).

Long story short, our Naqib decided that it's the best for us to go by road - and fill it with some muntij  amal islami. Cheh. (eficient religious practice)

Discussion before leaving (morning briefing)

Me, during the morning briefing. Can't help.

budak "junior" baru sampai

Pray for our safety, insyaAllah :)

We even prayed on snow! :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Realiti, aku menyoal:

Adakah ini,
atau hanya meniup buih ilusi demi ilusi?
Melihat refleksi dunia
pada spektra berwarna

Adakah ini,
atau cuma berselubung dalam lapis-lapis mimpi?
Hangatnya terasa
Tetapi jauh dari selesa.


perlu dikejar dengan saksama
dan hikmah menyala

Iya. Kau betul.
Semua akan tiba.

Tetapi hanya yang sedia yang berjaya.