Thursday, November 15, 2012

Plan of Action

I woke up yesterday's morning to a timeline full of news about my brothers and sisters in Palestine.

Again, they were bombed cowardly by the Israeli regime. According to Israeli's sources the siege is a retaliation from the 115 missiles that have been launched to Israel so-called territory and wounded and killed some of Palestinians and Israelis.

People might think HAMAS is a militant group that has always put its people of Gaza in danger. And people might think that Israel has a right to defense herself from being attacked.

Pish posh. Israel has been built up illegally, existed out of the blue and has been oppressing the Palestinian ever since. Resolutions by resolutions had been signed by UN to force Israel from expanding her territory and abide by the 1967 border was never been fulfilled and thanks to United States who has been relentlessly  backing up Israel no further actions are taken (except a few wars in 1948 and 1967).

This semester, I am taking Hebrew Bible and it has given me insights of how the Israelis (read: the Zionist Jews) perceive occupation. It is told in their Bible when Lord Yahweh ordered them to enter the Land of Canaanite - led by Josiah in the Book of Josiah - destruction has been made (although there are contradictions on how this infiltration occur, but let us leave it here). Maybe, they equate this to the situation that they are having right now, just that their Lord Yahweh has never made any prophet (since they deny Jesus p.b.u.h and Muhammad p.b.u.h) to lead them entering the Holy Land.

So, if a nation has been occupied, what should you do? Run away and do nothing or you fight back to gain you right? Islam has put a high value in defending country - and those who died fighting are granted martyrdom, the highest status of death one could ever had. This, the right and obligation of defending a country is what has been the motivation of fellow Palestinians to stay put and fight back. Be death the result.

So does nationalities and borders put borders in fellow Muslims' hearts too? How are we supposed to help? Should we just lament and wait for the Messiah to come and save us all and put Islam where it belongs?

I say no.

Do whatever you can to help this cause. You may not have the mean to go to Palestine and fight along side, but do pray for them - and in order for your pray to be accepted, do watch what you ear and wear, because Allah would not accept prayers from those who eat and wear from haram source. Contribute your money or energy or time to help our brothers and sisters or to educate our other brothers and sisters.

Do be consistent. Show that we are against oppression in any part of the world. Be it on Buddhist as in Tibet, or in the name of race as it was in South Africa. Islam promotes justice for all, not just for our kind. Be informed.

Do boycott - McDonald's, Starbucks. Yes, this is not as much as all the islamic nations in OPAC boycott and ban the trade of oil but that's is what we, normal people can do. It may seem little collectively but in the eyes of God, he will grant you for your effort. Until our leaders come to their senses to realize that we do have dignity and power, we do what we can.

Do build yourself, and build the selves around you. Victory is near, and this is the promise of Allah but have we truly deserve it? Join usrah or any other means that you feel can bring the collective amount of people, be it Muslims or Non-Muslims to principle of justice and mercy. Isn't Prophet Muhammad and his message i.e Islam is the mercy to the universe?

Lastly, again do pray. People might think that invocation no longer help. What we need is strong Islamic political interference and sturdy economic control - but pray is the obligation to God. Showing that we, regardless of our free will and effort, we still face Him and hope and ask from Him the Al-Samad, the absolute.

Life is fragile. In a way, our brothers and sisters in Palestine are fortunate, they die with heaven waiting upon their martyrdom.

We? What do we have?

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