Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So finally it's Senior Year

I am currently using the bless and bliss of internet connection in Narita Airport. 

I am three to four days late for my classes and it is all because of the congestion where the flights are overbooked for these two weeks. Bad news for stand-by passengers like me, I have to wait - and for my case even rerouted my flight.  

Yes, no Europe. Have to go all the way to LAX then to JFK. More expensive and longer flight :(

Nevertheless, I always like Narita. Speedy wi-fi, and with toilet like this, which Asian doesn't find it interesting?

Automated, have the tap water option to do istinja' (unlike in Europe and America where you only can use toilet paper). 

Oh by the way, it's my senior year too! 


  1. warna biru tu gambar zzzz ke? amazing! ;D

  2. Kan? Harituh kat Mid pon aku jumpa toilet yang sama gak