Sunday, April 19, 2015

A 9 Year Old Who Likes Symmetry

Symmetry is what defines beauty, people say.

And when I was a kid, I grew fond of symmetry. I liked my toys, my clothes to be symmetrical.

And my hair too. But that's a lost cause. I could never part my hair in the middle like any 90s kids would do. My hair is weirdly spikey at only the right side of my head, right above the curve of my head. And the hair will be manageable if they are long enough (the fact that I only knew when I can grow my hair for months during school break). 

So every time I have a haircut, I can see the shock on the Mamak's face when he realized my hair "spring to life" and he will have a hard time mending to that. 

As a result of that, my haircut is the worst for the first few weeks I had it - until it grew long enough. 

So not until recently (I am 24, that's kinda late), I started to tell the barber not to cut my hair so short that it will spike. And the barber actually finds a way around my hair. The result was not bad at all. 

Then, I found out that I have an oversized head. And the 9 year old kid inside me who loves symmetry so much cringe again. In a both mocking and disgruntled way, he yelled, "Hah, you have a really large head".  

Shoot. Yay, to another item in my insecurities list. 

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