Thursday, November 27, 2014

Count my Blessing (well, I can't really)

I have  a very personal mission. Well, not really. It's just that I have laid out in my head, what my future would be.

However, looking down the lane of memory, what I plan is not necessarily what happened. I wanted to be a scientist, actually a physicist (I am not now) since I was five or six, I wanted to study in UK or Germany (I did not), and I wanted to marry early, probably around 23-24 (I know I still have a year, but there is very very very unlikely).

Yet, it does not turn out to be that bad. I am actually a graduate in geosciences (still in science). I studied in the US, and marriage, well that's a tough one. We'll see.

So alhamdulillah!

Currently I am doing my apprenticeship training in a regulator body at Cyberjaya under Talentcorp. Well the job scope is totally out of my wildest dream of what-I-will-do-after-I-graduated. I think this is actually good though. I am now in Policy Development Division, so I am working on ad hoc instances to do research on policies stuffs --which is good, because I plan to be a policy-maker one day (and I am pretty good at research and reading apparently so that's also good).

I am also waiting for my offer letter for my graduate study at UKM to pursue my interest , in geology or specifically in hydrogeology or to be more specific in aquifer basin studies. I realized at one point my interest overlap with civil/environmental engineering, but that's fine. There's nothing wrong in picking up new skills (not skills actually, just knowledge).

So alhamdulillah!

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