Sunday, November 30, 2014

Favorite Color

"... it's like when people asked me, 'what's your favorite color?' To be honest I don't know. My favorite color for eye is green, for sky it's blue and so on.." claimed Dr. Borges who was notoriously famed for being a very strict Professor -- especially when it comes to mobile phones and tardiness, two humongous offense you can ever do in his class. Oh yes, and also to speak the name of Lord in vain (he self-proclaimed himself as a republican and want to die as a Christian).

I have forgotten for what instance he referred that analogy to, and heck, I am probably the only one in class to remember that from him --among many others, like a very rare rare event of Dr. Borges' attempt to speak in Malay (he had lived in Malaysia for over twenty years). I had three classes taught by him and I am not even certain in which class he said that.

Coming back to what he said, it was a simple analogy but it gives me a new perspective; however mundane or routine something is, it is better explained or answered with context.

Seek context before attesting to anything.

That's it.

Wow. I actually had an idea of what to write this morning, but it's all getting fuzzy now in my head. With a runny nose, heavy eyelid and cracking head ache, all I want to do is get home and sleep (probably meet a doctor for an MC tomorrow). The only thing that is coming to my mind is this quote from him.

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