Sunday, November 20, 2011


I learned in Physics, (ok, not that type of college or SPM physics. This is more serious and more absurd than ever :/ ) that light can be perceived as both particle (in packet of quantized energy called photon which is massless) and also waves (in probability waves)

How could this be? Why so strange? Fish is a fish, and monkey is a monkey. We cannot perceive monkey as both fish and monkey. This is absurd!

Well, actually it's not. As pre-Einstein scientist discovered, that light travel in the form of wave, hence reflection, refraction and diffraction (where light spectrum is bent due to difference in the media density) and the magnificent rainbow in the sky can occur. Young's Double Slit experiment also proves that light undergoes interference which means that light is a wave.

However, years later, Einstein proposed an explanation on how photoelectric effect can can occur. Photoelectric effect is baffling because, as the intensity of light increased, it does not change at all the amount of electrons ejected. Einstein posited that light comes as a quantized packet, which means, in the form of sub-atomic particle called photons.

So, which one is true?


Actually, as you expected, both is true. This property is called as principle of duality. As light emitted, it is in the form of photons, but as it travels, the many photons will form a wave (electromagnetic waves) called probability waves which then transverse to all the universe, including our earth


Our universe has shown us that there is nothing wrong of being perceived as two things at the same time.

Now, in many non-muslims countries on this world muslims are always being perceived as an isolated community, or probably muslims want it to be that way. If there is any muslim, they (the muslims) want the country to be an islamic country.

Well, that is not absolutely true. In Islam, to defend the country is an act of martyr as much as you defend the religion. Hence, there is no wrong if you are an adhering muslim, and at the same time you are also an American, European, African or even Malaysian.


Patriotism is never being banned in Islam. But it has a limit. Dr Tariq Ramadhan mentioned in many of his lecture, there is no such thing as blind loyalty. Loyalty needs to be critical. In the pursue of justice and fairness, sometimes even the most democratic government can slip - so it's up to the citizens to be critical to the Government and the way of the administration.

A muslim, moreover, must exemplify the truest way in conveying the message, that fairness and justice is something to be achieved together. Not just resenting the facts and not walking the talk.

I remembered, that in some crap camp our scholarship recipients have to attend and endure, one of the module asked us to discuss, which is more important. Religion, nation, family and self. I stood up, and said that my religion (islam) is the utmost important. Because, by committing to one, I have to love my country, family and self too. It's so comprehensive.


 But where comes all this nonsense that being a muslim you can't be anything else? Partially, it's from the creeping islamophobic.

Partially, it comes from us. Sometimes, muslims, be it in country of majority muslims or minority ones, we are to stuck up with only-islam-muslims agenda. Yes, it's good, but it gives the wrong perception to the others. Islam comes universally, and Muhammad is sent as rahmah (mercy) to the whole world (QS Al-Anbiya':107). Why limit it only to our sphere?

There are muslims, when some tragedies happened to another non-muslim country, they just bellowed "oh, serve they right! This is because they have been sinful and all" Please, throw away that attitude deep in the sea. Yes, we know that Allah's punishment is due to those people who wronged themselves - but that might not just be the case. Maybe it's Allah's trial upon them and US (fellow muslims) to see how are we going to react. Will we help them? or just mock them?

In the Koran, Allah said to take lessons from the race which have been doomed (QS Thaha:29) because Allah tells us clearly what they had wronged to themselves (QS Ar-Rum:9)  You don't know for sure that it is for bad things.  Every soul is priceless either they are muslims or not. Or else, Prophet Muhammad won't stand and cry when a Jew dies - because he knew that that means one potential muslim is dead.

Hence, don't be afraid to help people, in spite of our differences. We still are the sons of Adam and Eve, the brothers of Humanity. But that doesn't mean we should stop spreading the words of Tauhid. Spread it, but don't force it. It's not our job to give them hidayah (guidance). It's Allah's.

And don't discriminate those who haven't gotten their hidayah. It's cruel and not a wise act. Who knows our kindness to him may be the reason Allah gives him hidayah?

And for sure, Allah knows best.


  1. tentang cahaya, teringat 'pak cik' Shah Kirit sebut yang cahaya ni memang membingungkan. apa ia sebenarnya?

    memang kuat bau 'Tariq Ramadhan' dalam tulisan ni.

    moga kita (muslim) meluaskan rahmah Islam.

  2. @haniff: soalan kat atas tuh berbentuk retorik atau aku kena jawab? hoho.

    yup. Memang terinspirasi dari dia pon. As a muslim scholar in non-muslim country, he tried to rectify the worldview of muslim and non-muslim alike.


  3. Macam mane aku baru boleh jumpe bloggggggg ni?????????????? Tidakkkk..aku dah lambat. Aku ingt tu profile ko je, takde blog. T.T banyaknye yg aku miss.. takpe. catch up balik. hehe. nice...duality. :) tak sabar nak blaja.

  4. 1. Speeches sbb x faham column 'Duality' (konsep fizik tu kot... dulu blaja fizik mudah faham sebab banyak gambar... hahaha), tp dpt la ckit idea ttg dualisme tu.

    2. Penah berdebat dengan membangkang tajuk 'Islamofobia berpunca daripada umat Islam itu sendiri' dan menang. Team kita org aneh sebab menang (alasan: hujah rapuh dan idea kurang banding dgn lawan). Rupanya kitaorg menang sbb terlampau bersemangat!

    3. Mudahan kita terhindar daripada penyakit tak pedulisme, menolak resam 'menjaga tepi kain orang' dan akhirnya tidak hidup seperti 'katak di bawah tempurung'

    4. Terima kasih atas perkongsian...